Calibration Campaign in june 2018

The calibration campaign runs from June 18 to 29, 2018 in Tenerife.

Located at 2367 meters of altitude, the Izana Spanish Meteorological Observatory welcomes us for the 4th time and allows us to access its calibration site recognized by scientists.
Indeed, the atmosphere is very pure and very stable, which allows us to make measurements of quality.

After this, the operation consists in calculating the calibration coefficients for each photometer by comparison with Cimel photometers of the Photon network permanently present in Izana.
These photometers are the worldwide reference for aerosols measurements, the data of which are available on the Aeronet website.

With the Calitoo software, the new coefficients are calculated for each photometer and entered into the device.
Then, they are tested on the same site to validate the calibration operation.




LOA (Service d'Observation PHOTONS)