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The Calitoo is a photometer for determining the rate of aerosols in the atmosphere and to characterize their size distribution ( smoke, polluting gases,  ice crystals, dust ).

In this goal, the photometer measures the optical thickness of the atmosphere at different wavelengths : blue (465nm), green (540nm) and red (615nm).

The device is also equipped with a GPS, a pressure and temperature sensor. The use of components using the latest technologies, allows us to realize a low cost, accurate and portable measuring instrument.

Presentation documents :  Datasheet and  Poster


- Simultaneous Measurement channels 465, 540 and 619 nm

- Stores up to 999 measurements

- Calculation of immediate optical thicknesses

- Data transfer via USB port

- PC software provided free

- Power supply: 4 AA batteries 1.5V

- Dimensions: 210 x 100 x 35 mm

- Weight: 400 g (with batteries)

- Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C

  The acquisitions are manual but can be controlled by software


The photometer Calitoo was qualified by the Atmospheric Optics Laboratory of Lille in March 2013. Each unit is sold, calibrated in a briefcase with a calibration report, a Quick Start card and a USB cable.


The principle of the measurement consists in pointing the sun to find the maximum flow. The photometer keeps only the maximum measured and then calculates the optical thickness.

Pointing the Sun is done manually. It is facilitated by the sighting device located above the display.

The calculation of optical depth, detailed in the manual, use the raw brightness measurements, calibration coefficients, date and GPS latitude and atmospheric pressure.




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